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Welcome to Fritebar | Brooklyn, NY

With a passion for food, art, and travel, four childhood friends decided to embark on a culinary journey bringing flavors, design, and fun to the street food culture of NYC. At Fritebar, we do our best to make sure you come and go with a smile on your face and a satisfied stomach.

Collaborating with local designers, artists, and young entrepreneurs, our first Fritebar location was born on 85th street in Bay Ridge - paying homage to the immigrant population that built this amazing city. We are a homegrown, local brand specializing in Belgian-style fries - ½ inch thick frites that are triple fried to a golden crispy perfection and topped with homemade organic seasonings. Not only known for its food, this is a local joint where people come to eat, hang out, or even just to listen to some fresh tunes on rotation daily.

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A Space for Everyone

At the moment, there are only a handful of players in the Belgian-style fries / fast food dining space, leaving an open market ripe for opportunity - especially in Brooklyn. We are the only friteshop specializing in organic homemade seasonings - elevating the flavors and depth of frites to a whole new level. And as if our frites weren't enough, we have a wide variety of sliders and the freshest ice cream to satisfy even the pickiest of eaters.

We're located on 3rd Avenue in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn - home to many different ethnicity's and restaurants, Fritebar has made its presence known with neon signage and a pink sidewalk!…yep, you read it right. A pink sidewalk. After all, this is Fritebar, where the concrete jungle gets a little funkier.

We've broken out of the traditional old school look and established a restaurant that has a fun, care-free vibe. Fritebar caters to people from all walks of life - whether it's a small family looking to pick up some frites, groups of friends looking for the best sliders in town, dessert fanatics that looooove our artisanal ice cream cookie sandwich, or young couples on a food-hopping date. There's space at Fritebar for everyone, and we're constantly welcoming new customers to our Fritebar family. A place where you can come hang, listen to music, enjoy some frites and get your week or weekend started.

Fresh, organic, local and best of all - unique!

Fritebar has moved away from the traditional dipping sauces and decided to provide our customers with organic homemade seasonings, which make our frites healthier and tastier. Our approach is simple - fresh-cut fries, triple fried, and seasoned to perfection. Fast, fun, feel good, and most importantly finger licking delish.

So what don't you know about Fritebar - well we aren't just an ice cream joint - while we do sell amazing ice cream, shakes and monstrous ice cream sandwiches, make no mistake - we are known for our specialty frites and signature seasonings. Come and give it a try!

Stop by 8503 3rd Avenue, Brooklyn today to try our signature frites, made-to-order sliders, ice cream, and more! And if you'd rather stay in, we've got you covered. Check us out on Grubhub and Seamless! I promise, you WILL NOT be disappointed.


8503 3rd Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11209
(718) 333-5775

12pm - 10pm

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